Buying Guide

A decanter is a great addition to any bar set-up and is perfect for serving red wine. When purchasing a decanter, you should keep a few things in mind. Due to all Decanters on this webiste being hand crafted, painted and made some of the products can take 2-4 weeks and some such as the collectible items can take up to 24-28 weeks if they are not in stock. 


The first to consider is the size of the decanter. You want to make sure that it is big enough to hold the entire bottle of wine or liquor that you plan on serving.

If you are only going to be serving one or two glasses at a time, then a smaller decanter will suffice.


The next thing to consider is the shape of the decanter. Some are taller and thinner, while others are shorter and wider.

The shape of the decanter will affect how the wine or liquor flows when poured. If you are unsure which shape to choose, then go with a traditional round decanter.


The material that the decanter is made from is also important to consider. The most popular materials are glass and crystal.

Crystal decanters are more expensive, but they offer a certain level of sophistication. Glass decanters are less expensive and are just as functional.


Whether you are using the decanter for clients or personal use, you should always consider your budget.

Like anything, you get what you pay for. A higher quality decanter will be more expensive, but it will last longer and offer a better experience.

When purchasing a decanter, size, shape, material, and budget are all important things to keep in mind.


If you have any questions about finding the perfect decanter for you, please contact us, and we would be happy to help. Cheers!